VIDEO: Helicopter Lands on Water, Explodes and Sinks.

VIDEO: Helicopter Lands on Water, Explodes and Sinks.

Satan’s Chariot” – the Russian Mil-Mi 24 helicopter gunship (tintuc.nv)

The Mil-Mi 24 helicopter gunship is one of the most feared attack helicopters in the world. They feature in my novel BACK, in a way I can’t say, as that would ruin the plot.

Nicknamed the “Flying Tank” by its pilots and “Satan’s Chariots” by Mujahideen guerillas fighting Russian solders in Afghanistan in the 1980s, they are a formidable opponent.

An earlier version of the helicopter was also used by the Vietnamese air force when they invaded Cambodia in 1979. Later they used them to drive out the Chinese-backed Khmer Rouge from their jungle hideouts during a long and bloody civil war.

In the first short video below, the helicopter that sinks is a Mil-Mi 8 Russian chopper, mostly used as a transport helicopter. It is supposed to be demonstrating its ability to land on, and take off from, water, before it gets into serious trouble.

The second video,depicting a Sikorsky H-H3F helicopter, shows how it’s done properly…

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