Thai Train Jumps Tracks, Injures Dozens of Backpackers

Thai Train Jumps Tracks, Injures Dozens of Backpackers

Above Photo: Injured backpackers in the aftermath of the derailment (Taweesak Sukkasem)

This post related to yet another train derailment in Thailand in 2013, when a number of backpackers were injured travelling from Bangkok to Chaing Mai on a notorious stretch of the track.

No way to have a holiday

Dozens of backpackers and other tourists were injured when a train travelling from Bangkok to Chaing Mai derailed in northern Thailand.

Backpackers walk along the tracks (Bangkok post)

It was the SEVENTH accident in the past four months on the northern track.

The injured tourists came from a wide range of countries including Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, Belgium, Poland, the USA, China, New Zealand and Chile.

Five Thai nationals were also injured.

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