Speaking With a Gun To My Head

Speaking With a Gun To My Head

A nicely composed photo of my recent talk to Pattaya City Expats Club, which seemed well-attended and apparently went down well.

It was titled “The Ho Chi Minh Trail, Then and Now” and included many interesting photos of the Ho Chi Minh Trail during wartime, and  what it looks like now, as I explained the inspiration for writing my wartime/modern-day backpacker novel, “BACK”.

Photo taken by Stuart Saunders, of PCEC, as I showed a slide of a Khmer Rouge fighter brandishing a pistol.

For a modern-day take on the Vietnam War, POWs/MIAs and Adventure Backpackers trekking into the war-ravaged jungles of Asia, see: http://peteralanlloyd.com/back-part-2/backpackers-meet-the-vietnam-war-back-screenplay-finally-finished/

For POWs left behind in Laos, see also:

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Front cover of BACK Part 1.

Front cover of BACK Part 1.

Front cover of BACK Part 2.

Front cover of BACK Part 2.

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