Shocking Video – Thai Man Pulls Gun on a Russian Tourist

Shocking Video – Thai Man Pulls Gun on a Russian Tourist

Above Photo: A still image from the video. The Russian kneels on the floor as he’s treated to a traditional Thai welcome where “misunderstandings” about women are concerned and where the upset party seems to be somehow ‘connected’. He’s armed and believes he can act with impunity – because such people usually can here.

I wrote a novel about the mortal dangers that can befall the unwary in the jungles of Asia, but I could just as well have flown to lawless Phuket in Thailand to make the same point.

In this shocking video, a Thai man, in a dispute over a woman, pulls a gun on a Russian and slaps him around.

It looks like a scene from the movie Only God Forgives.

The attacker, by the way he is dressed and the way he holds himself, strikes me as some kind of “official” and the way this appalling incident has already tried to be covered up suggests he is somehow connected.

In the Thai justice system, the assailant has already offered just over £200 to his victim to settle the matter. Had the Russian accepted, the guy with the gun would not even have been charged with any offence over this appalling incident.

The Rusian refused the money.

But the well-used word, ‘Misunderstanding’ and the fact the police have emphasised that it wasn’t a real gun (I bet it was) and haven’t even released the name of this thug suggests the usual PR cover-up is going on.

Even in the unlikely event this guy goes to court he is unlikely to be imprisoned for this attack, unless someone decides to make an example out of him, which if he is connected, they won’t.

But this is Asia and, as my characters in BACK discover, it can sometimes be a violent and dangerous place, where you can’t expect much help when things go wrong.

More details about this incident appear here, in the The Phuket News


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