Scream Bloody Murder – The Khmer Rouge

Scream Bloody Murder – The Khmer Rouge

Above Photo: Khmer Rouge victims at the Killing Fields still wait for justice.

I came across this excellent, short (7 minutes each) CNN Report, called Scream Bloody Murder – The Khmer Rouge and the Cambodian Genocide. It’s in two parts and deals with the Khmer Rouge, their rise and fall from power, including the US’s support for them keeping their UN seat after they’d been deposed, and it also contains some comments from Jimmy Carter.

Khmer Rouge slave site

Khmer Rouge slave site (© unknown)

A lot of it (more eloquently) recites points made in one of my recent articles and of course this is all relevant to the plot of my novel BACK.

Bones and personal items reovered at the Killing Fields

Teeth, Bones, wire used to tie hands, and personal effects recovered at the Killing Fields

The Report is a well-balanced account containing some harrowing footage, and Part 2 films a visit to the Killing Fields with a former Khmer Rouge cadre who actually killed people there.

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For POWs left behind in Laos, see also:

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