Punting in Cambridge – Stab Vests Demanded as Violence Increases

Punting in Cambridge – Stab Vests Demanded as Violence Increases

OK, even the most diligent readers of my BACK-related articles, who haven’t yet read the novel, might just be forgiven for asking “What the **** do Cambridge University and punting on the River Cam have to do with a novel set in the jungles of Laos?”

And the answer is – LOADS, but you’ll just have to trust me, until you read it.

And for US readers, ‘punting’ in this context isn’t anything to do with an American Football game; it’s the propulsion of flat bottomed boats using long sticks on the river Cam in Cambridge.

Punting under Clare on the Cam.

Punting under Clare on the Cam.

Anyway,  given punting on the river by Cambridge University students is indeed important in the plot of BACK, I was interested to read news that violence and general mayhem on the river Cam is increasing, with public urination, loutish behavior and in-fighting between rival punt operators, which is all making punting on the River Cam a very dangerous pursuit.

It has got so bad that a river bailiff has demanded a stab protector vest, because of the elevated threat levels as he polices the river.

Punting in Cambridge - Press Association.

Punting in Cambridge – Press Association.

Skills picked up on the River Cam can go a long way in the jungle, and I was again delighted to see such an odd theme of BACK is suddenly in the world’s press this morning.

Since originally posting this, I had 2 emails from US readers asking did I have a video of punting I could show them. Well, no, I don’t, but this one on Youtube fits the bill:

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For POWs left behind in Laos, see also

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