Peter Lloyd Jailed for Drug Offence in Singapore!

Peter Lloyd Jailed for Drug Offence in Singapore!

Above Photo: Changi Jail, Singapore (

I just received an email from a reader of my website. He had read a recent article I wrote about drugs offences and punishments in Singapore and, after first praising the site and its content, said:

“Pete, don’t you think you should have mentioned your own time in prison in Singapore for drugs offences in that article?”

I was confused for a moment, because I had forgotten that another Thailand-based writer also called Peter Lloyd, WAS actually banged up in Singapore for a drug offence a while ago.

When I first came to Thailand and began writing for local papers, I was aware of an Australian, an ABC journalist, called Peter Lloyd, who was out here reporting from Asian countries for a number of TV stations and print media.

The Other Peter Lloyd

The Other, Aussie, Peter Lloyd

At that time, I never though he and I could ever get confused, but as time went on, and he picked up some unfortunate press, I thought I had better change my writing name to Peter Alan Lloyd, which I’ve never been known as before, so as not to become confused with the Other Peter Lloyd if people did Google searches on me.

Let’s face it, would be a fair enough assumption to make. If someone in London read some of the press reports, they’d undoubtedly say: “It must be the same Peter Lloyd. How many people in Thailand do you think can be writing under the name ‘Peter Lloyd’ for God’s sake!…”

This one, after a dirty day out with UXO Lao on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

This one, after a dirty day out with UXO Lao on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Less urbane, less wealthy, less successful and less banged-up than the Other Peter Lloyd

But I am happy to confirm I have never been arrested for any drug or other offences out here, nor (yet) had any bad press headlines of any other kind.

Mind you, if officials in neigbouring countries read some of my stuff, and could understand it, I might one day be fitted up with something when I’m on holiday, probably in the tri-border area. Come to think about it, that would make a neat sequel to BACK…

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