Nightmares in Wax Everyman Gig, March 1980.

Nightmares in Wax Everyman Gig, March 1980.

Pete Burns and I in Nightmares in Wax (later Dead or Alive) playing in the Everyman Theatre Basement in Liverpool.

The above photo was taken during my first Liverpool gig with Nightmares in Wax, back in 1980. The gig gets a mention in Bombed Out! because, amusingly, it was reviewed by Melody Maker. 

I repeat some of the review in the book, because it was relevant to one of the themes of my time in both Nightmares in Wax and earlier, when I’d played bass for 9 months with Liverpool band Pink Military Stand Alone. © Peter Alan Lloyd


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  1. Michael Reid

    And there’s my arm, extreme left.
    I didn’t know there had been a Melody Maker review of this.
    I look forward to reading your book Peter.
    All best,

    • Peter Alan Lloyd

      Hi Michael – great to hear from you. You also get two mentions in the book.

      There is a Melody Maker review of this gig, which I quote in the book, and it says:

      “Four of the band arrive on the stage and begin to play an instrumental. There’s Marty on keyboards, long-haired and pretty enough to be American, Mick the guitarist … the most elegant and elegantly wasted of all the elegantly wasted young men in Liverpool. Behind the drum kit is Phil, with the newly-shaven head, and in contrast, just to show there is nothing contrived about the band’s image, new boy Pete on bass, in jeans, short hair and anonymity … Tonight everything’s right and there’s the intangible magic, that spark that turns something good into something better”.

      Best wishes,



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