Napalm Explosions Melt Bricks in Russia.

Napalm Explosions Melt Bricks in Russia.

 Above Photo: The effect of Napalm on Brick (

I recently saw these remarkable photographs on which purport to show the accidental melting of roof bricks in an old Russian fort, where Napalm was being tested.

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This is perhaps understandable, because, once ignited, Napalm can burn at more than 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit (2,760 degrees Celsius).

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Napalm is a mixture of a thickening or gelling agent and petroleum for use in an incendiary device. It was initially used against buildings, and later saw use as an anti-personnel weapon that sticks to the skin and causes severe burns.

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It was developed in 1942, in a secret laboratory at Harvard University, and its first recorded use was in Europe during World War II, where it was used extensively in incendiary attacks on Japanese cities in the Pacific War.

US drop Napalm in Vietnam.

US plane drops Napalm in Vietnam.

It is well-known that Napalm was also widely-used by the US during the Vietnam War, but less known that the French were also dropping it on Asians well before the Americans got involved, a fact I refer to along the way in my novel BACK.

French drop napalm on Vietnamese guerillas during an ambush in 1953.

French drop Napalm on Vietnamese guerillas during an ambush in 1953 (Wikimedia).

In 1980, the United Nations declared Napalm’s use on concentrations of civilians a war crime.

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