A Massive Drugs Bust in The Laos-Vietnamese Jungle.

A Massive Drugs Bust in The Laos-Vietnamese Jungle.

Above Photo: Opium Poppy yields up its resin. (© unknown)

A Joint Vietnamese/Laotian operation recently raided villages in Vietnam’s north-western Dien Bien province and in Laos’ Phongsaly province, seizing heroin, weapons and assets worth over US$1.2 million; a massive amount in these poor border areas.

34 cakes of heroin, heroin powder, additives used in heroin processing, five guns, more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and 28kg of dynamite, a large amount of gold, US dollars and Vietnamese dong; as well as tools and machinery used to refine heroin were also seized.

A sea of poppies (3.bp.blogspot.com)

A sea of poppies (3.bp.blogspot.com)

The trafficking ring is believed to have smuggled about 10,000 cakes of heroin (a cake weighs about 350 grams) from Pa Hoc into Vietnam over the past 10 years.

Pa Hoc in Laos, which borders Dien Bien Province, has become known for drug manufacturing and dealing in recent years. It is where drugs are transported in from the Golden Triangle and where they are processed and packaged before being trafficked into Vietnam.

Officers of Laos and Vietnam stand by the drugs and weapons they have seized from three houses in Pa Hoc hamlet in Laos (tuoitrenews.vn )

Officers of Laos and Vietnam stand by just some of the drugs and weapons they seized from the raids in Laos. (tuoitrenews.vn )

Drug cultivation and smuggling in the lawless border areas are all relevant to the plot of my Vietnam War/Backpacker crossover novel BACK, where unsuspecting trekkers, looking for something left behind from the Vietnam War, end up with very modern-day problems in the dark, war-ravaged jungles of Laos and Vietnam.

Our new film, M.I.A. A Greater Evil. Set in the jungles of Laos and Vietnam, the film deals with the possible fate of US servicemen left behind after the US pulled out of the Vietnam War.

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See the trailer for our new film, M.I.A. A Greater Evil. 

For POWs left behind in Laos, see also:

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