John Atkinson Grimshaw’s Paintings of Liverpool’s Dock Road.

John Atkinson Grimshaw’s Paintings of Liverpool’s Dock Road.

Liverpool from Wapping (1875)

 I’m a massive fan of John Atkinson Grimshaw’s art.

For many years I have seen his paintings of Liverpool’s Dock Road (shown above and below) in books, articles and even pubs all over the UK. I’ve always thought they were magnificent examples of Victorian urban art, and they came across my path again recently when I was doing research for Bombed Out!, which features my own night-time walks along the same Dock Road, almost 100 years after Grimshaw had painted these scenes.

Liverpool Quay by Moonlight (1887)

Liverpool Quay by Moonlight (1887)

Born in 1836, Grimshaw was a Victorian-era artist renowned for his city night-scenes and landscapes. I also like him because, at the age of 24, to the dismay of his parents, he did the Punk thing and left his job as a clerk for a railway company, to pursue his passion and become a painter.

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