Sacre Bleu: Totally Unprepared French Backpackers Caught Out in the Jungle.

Sacre Bleu: Totally Unprepared French Backpackers Caught Out in the Jungle.

Above Photo: Haew Suwat Waterfall, in Khao yai jungle. The waterfall depicted in the backpacker film, The Beach.

We were driving through the middle of Khao Yai jungle recently, in a violent thunderstorm and torrential rain, which the windscreen wipers on my truck, even at full power, were inadequate to deal with.

Inside Khao Yai jungle.

Inside Khao Yai jungle.

So imagine my surprise when we came across a group of four backpackers, soaked to the skin, looking cold and miserable, sheltering by the roadside in the middle of the jungle.

I took pity on them, stopped and jumped out to clear the back seat. The rain was so heavy I was completely drenched in seconds.

Khao Yai jungle.

Khao Yai jungle.

They were two French couples, and they told us they’d hitchhiked into the park for a 48 hour visit. They had nowhere to stay, they were wearing flip flops, had no change of clothes, no food and they weren’t carrying backpacks (they’d left them in their hotel on Khaosan Road – where else…).

They had come into the jungle with no idea where they would sleep or how they’d get around, and they didn’t have much money to get back into the centre of Bangkok, thinking ATMs would be readily available in the park. I was astonished.

Khao Yai Jungle tree

As it was getting dark I drove them a long way back to the visitor centre in the middle of the jungle, where they could at least find some accommodation.

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Ironically, they had journeyed into Khao Yai to see the waterfall featured in the backpacker movie, The Beach.

I don’t know if they ever found it…

Haew Suwat - 'The Beach' waterfall at ground level.

Haew Suwat. ‘The Beach’ waterfall at ground level.

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