Weird (And Endangered) Fish For Sale In Laos.

Weird (And Endangered) Fish For Sale In Laos.

Above Photo: A Small Mekong River Stingray – unfortunately it was still alive.

Well used to seeing every kind of endangered animal for sale in markets around Laos, this was the first time I’d seen a Mekong Freshwater Stingray on the banana leaf-covered slab.

peteralanlloyd luang prabang Laos

Still alive, and freshly caught from the nearby river, had it been left in the Mekong it could have grown to an enormous size.

Adult Mekong RIier Stingray

Adult Mekong River Stingray (© unknown)

They aren’t usually hunted, but they’re often accidentally caught in nets or by line fishing, and they’re on a UN Endangered Species list, so it was a shame this one hadn’t been thrown back to live for a few more years.

Fish ID Question.

Mekong Mystery Fish

Mekong Mystery Fish

And, while I’m at it, if anyone who knows their flounder from their sole has any idea what kind of  fish this is, please let me know. It was also caught in the Mekong river.

Side View

Side View

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