Binturongs in Pakse, Laos.

Binturongs in Pakse, Laos.

Above Photo: A caged Binturong.

They've got sharp teeth...

They’ve got sharp teeth…

I have often seen these animals in a big cage in the centre of Pakse, southern Laos, but only recently found out what they are called: Binturongs, also known as bearcats, although they are neither a bear nor a cat.

And sharp claws,,,

And sharp claws…

They have sharp-looking teeth and claws, and they’re adept at climbing the trees in their cage. Other than that they just seemed to lie around and sleep all day.

They like to sleep...

They like to lie around a lot…

An endangered species, I used to think it was a shame they were trapped in a cage, but faced with the usual Wildlife threats in Laos, perhaps they’re better off here than risking their lives in the jungle. Besides, in Laos the jungle is still disappearing at a shocking rate, with little the authorities can do when faced with massive corruption that fuels the illegal logging trade with Vietnam.

Hey wait, this one's on the move...

Hey wait, this one’s on the move…

The binturongs’ alternative fate would involve them being captured and killed, then sold as dead meat in a local market, with their pelts being traded separately. So they may just be happier where they are; hard as that is to believe.

Dreaming of the jungle...

Dreaming of the jungle…

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Location of Pakse in red circle.

Location of Pakse in red circle.

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