Bombed Out: Liverpool Then and Now Photographs.

Bombed Out: Liverpool Then and Now Photographs.

Above Photo: Waterloo Seafront in Liverpool, in the early 1900s and today (Keith Jones)

One of the contemporary Liverpool photographers whose work I am looking forward to illustrating future Bombed Out! articles with is Keith Jones, who has kindly permitted me to use his photos. peter alan lloyd 1980s liverpool bands punk new wave bands erics club 1980s liverpool recession liverpool then and now georges dock 1875 and 2014.

George’s Dock in 1875 and today. The road and the area in the modern-day photo is also frequently referred to in Bombed Out! (Keith Jones)

Keith specializes in “Then and Now” Liverpool photography, as can be seen in the photos accompanying this article, all of which show places relevant to events in my book, and which are referred to in it, sometimes frequently.

Full article and more photos here: © Peter Alan Lloyd


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