Armed Guard Makes Me Eat Breakfast in The Philippines

Armed Guard Makes Me Eat Breakfast in The Philippines

Photo Caption: You ARE going to eat all of that, aren’t you, Sir?

I went into Jollibee in Manila the other day and thought it was looking unusually packed – and I don’tmean with diners. For those who don’t know, Jollibee is as popular in the Philippines as a fast-food Somtam retail outlet would be in Thailand.

As I sat down to eat my food I noticed two white shirted guards carrying sidearms, standing very close to my table. Next, in walked two much harder looking guys holding pump action shotguns and anxiously scanning the crowd of diners.

It looked like it could be an elaborate hit, so I quietly readied my camera and switched it to Video.

Alas, it turned out that the only reason everyone was so tooled-up and hyped-up was because there was a money truck arriving to replenish the ATMs outside.

Eat lead, Mofo...

Eat lead, Mofo…

It did make me wonder, though, just how many times these things are knocked over in The Philippines, for everyone to be so twitchy when there’s a money delivery to an ATM.

After the danger had passed the guy in the photo saw me taking furtive shots of him and kindly obliged for a, er, full frontal.

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